Hidden in corners, deep beneath its covers

Spurting in anguish, popping once in a while

And in vain did I try to purse

A gentle smile adorned her face as she kissed me goodbye

From dusty pages to broken stages

Through prickled gardens and wooden hedges

My vision flowed in gentle pace

A glimpse or two and there again she went vanishing in space.

So I bowed down in shame and parked myself in recline

I felt a strange pain crawling up my spine

I wondered my thoughts through varied modes and rhymes

But the thought of despair ticked away the time

So many words gets wasted in vain,

So many thoughts lost in the rain

And when there is so much left to say

The words conspire and let you pay

And what did I gain for all that was mine

It was all lost in the ocean of lies

So did I see my craftsmanship gentle die?

With all the diamonds I accumulated, I couldn’t buy my share of rye.

So I let my hope perch in that corner stone

It hung over the valley, reminiscing its lost throne

Through staged ignorance, I flocked in the crowd

Exchanging smiles and miseries, cocooned within the mysterious cloud

And after quite a while I felt a gripping feeling

I turned around to see the one fondling my hair

And there she was, grinning her lips to the rim of her face

I took hold of her and surrendered to her care

She took me through flashes of recollections she shaped

Overwhelmed by thoughts, I started jotting the finer shades

Feeling happiness at its brink, I turned around to see

My creative muse passed me a smile, she was here to stay.

– © Nachiketa Sanyal

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