The Other Side

As I walked through the door

I felt the beat run through my spine

As if I was transferred to a world unknown

But the strangers weren’t strange

And they didn’t seem insane

Those happy faces swinging to the rhyme

Drowning their miseries, triggering dopamine

Others sat in tables having chit chats

Drowned deep in the psychedelic trance

And as I walked through the aisle

Towards the terrace lounge

I saw people cutting their lives

Through cigarette sticks

Looking towards the running streets

The actual world they left

Measuring their happiness

With every drop, every fag,

Every giggle, every smile

A sweet countenance with a passerby

It’s the choices that make happy faces

Inside or outside, two sides of the same coin

Land or sky, sea or sand

You still live a life, true or lie!

– © Nachiketa Sanyal

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