City Lights

Veiled in darkness

Under the shadow of the night

You softly bloom and shine

In your authority, every night

You sleep by the day

And watch the night

As hours pass by

And the crowd thins away

Everyone gives you a passing eye

Even the moon and the stars

Keep their turn in a while

While high rises droop in darkness

Eerily, from towering heights

You have witnessed it all

The fight and the drunken brawl

The soft tears and the innocent smiles

The saint and the sinner

On their soul searching trials

The murmurs of soliloquy

The tales of euphoric bliss

While the night glides all

To silence and oblivion

But you still stand strong

Under the weather

Throughout the year

Flickering softly

Kindling hope!

– © Nachiketa Sanyal

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