Daydreams and moonlit nights

Memories, wrapped in time

Paperboats and airplanes

Rainy days and sunny skies

The aroma of the midday rain

Rainbows and butterflies

The sugary candy floss

The melting chocolate dip

Ice creams and apple pies 

Tangled in sweet delight

The cool summer eves

The refreshing autumn breeze

Messages to the dreamland

Dreamcatchers and wind chimes

Old man in the moon

Folklores and fairy tales

Will o’ the wisp

Under the dark sky

And once in a while

The shooting stars streaked by

As we sang lullabies

To the moon and the flickering lights

Secret wishes tucked away

Laughters sailing through the quiet

Slowly trickling through time

To this day, this moment and time

In gentle sniggers and bright eyes

As I walk down the street

Fidgeting my phone! Alone!

– © Nachiketa Sanyal

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