Oh! Sweet memory

Here you come again

Just out of nowhere

Like you first appeared

Sauntering in slowly

Light footed like air

Glancing through

Your coquettish eyes

A drop of chocolate

In the milky chalice

A song of harmony

An essence of grace

A few more runs

A few more times

Till our glances turned

To adorable stares

And so, you glowed


Radiating through the darkness

Silently through the night

While your sniggers

Like crescent moon


Through the window

Swaying in the wind

Gently through time

Speaking softly in silence

So many words

But oh! So different

I heard all the stories

But not a word at all

Till it stopped

Once and for all

So, I kept them safely

In the deepest corner of my mind

Unscathed by anything

Daydream, illusion or time

Cos some songs are better sung

In their original rhyme!

– © Nachiketa Sanyal

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